// We define a Right and a Left to
// try the projection
val theRight: Either[Error, String] =
val theLeft: Either[Error, String] =
Left(new Error("I'm an error!"))
println(theRight.right.get) // OK
//println(theRight.left.get) // Exception!
//println(theLeft.right.get) // Exception!
println(theLeft.left.get) // OK
// Lets create a list of Either to operate on
val list: List[Either[Int, String]] =
List(Right("i"), Left(0), Right("am"),
Left(10), Right("luca"), Left(100), Right("florio"))
// The right projection map the function toUpperCase only if the
// Either is a Right, leaving it unchanged otherwise. The left
// projection multiply the Int only if the Either is a Left,
// leaving it unchanged otherwise. In this way, we can put
// the mapping on the list one after the other. Cool! :-)
val newList =
.map( * 100))